New York, NY
United States



Dietland Takeover

Erica van Rabenswaay

Proposed web, mobile, and print mockups for the show ‘Dietland’.


Custom content article spread.


Mobile Scroll Reveal


Mobile Takeover


Digital Mold Making

Erica van Rabenswaay

These tiles have been created through a process involving pattern making in Illustrator which was later turned into a solid object in Maya and CNC routered in order for me to have a positive to make molds off of. 


My end result tiles are composed of terra cotta, hydro cal, and resin. 

Speak Graffiti Zine

Erica van Rabenswaay

This Graffiti Zine was created with a laser cutter and every stencil has been spray painted by me. The articles inside go over the history of graffiti and it's origins, places to see high quality graffiti murals and work incorporating graffiti, an interview with Banksy, and finally an article split between the art vs vandalism perspectives. 

The front and back covers are stencils that can be ripped off and used.  My vision is of a graffiti magazine that allows anyone who wants to join in to do so. It also promotes a guerilla style of advertisement.